Wollongong’s Top 5 Favourite Facials

Wollongong’s Top 5 Favourite Facials

Are you new to trying facial treatments but you’re not sure of which facial is best for you? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we have found these top 5 facial treatments are Wollongong’s favourites and give a short description of why they are great for your skin!

We believe it’s best to be educated on any treatment before jumping straight into the seat and getting it done! That’s why we always provide an in-depth consultation before any treatment so we can clarify any misconceptions of any of the facials you’ve read in this article. We go over the downtime and risks involved as well as what to do post treatment, and products to use, to get the best results from your treatments!

Without further delay, read on!

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1. Hydrafacial

“Very clean and fresh. Love my glowing skin afterwards.”

With the simple, yet powerful, non-invasive 3-step (and an optional 4th step with a booster) facial, you will feel fresh, radiant, and glowing! If you’re new to facials, Hydrafacial is suitable for every skin type, including sensitive skin types, providing a deep cleanse and hydrating serums. The boosters is where the real magic happens, as they are customised to your specific skin conditions and concerns, leaving you rejuvenated, revitalised, and glowing!

What clients are saying:
“Shiny and dewy!”
“I feel well exfoliated and hydrated.”
“Very clean and fresh. Love my glowing skin afterwards.”
“I loved it! That felt amazing!”
“I can’t believe how much stuff was in my face!”
“Oh gosh, look at all of that gunk in the jar? is that all from my skin?”
“Wow! my skin feels so smooth!”

CLICK HERE for more information on the Hydrafacial!

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2. Oxygeneo+

“My skin felt so nice after that! Really exfoliated!”

There is nothing like an exfoliating massage to leave you with smoother and clearer skin. The Oxygeneo+ is great with triggering natural healing processes that help reduce pigmentation, uneven skin tone and tissue damage. The trick is by oxygenating your skin to improve blood flow which accelerates absorption of the healing active ingredients that are applied during the procedure. Have your skin feeling nourished, refreshed and balanced after every treatment.

What clients are saying:
“Bright! Softer and smoother complexion!”
“It felt really hydrating.”
“Oh! That smells beautiful!”
“My skin felt so nice after that! Really exfoliated!”

CLICK HERE for more information on the Oxygeneo+.

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3. RATIONALE Enzyme Facial

 “I love the feeling of fresh, smooth skin.”

If you prefer luxury facials with some clinical efficacy to achieve a skin pH to a more healthy, youthful acidic level, then RATIONALE has you covered! Clinical-strength enzymes allow for targeted treatment of skin concerns, resulting with a luminous radiance complexion, and a healthy, strong skin barrier. Treat yourself to the luscious serums and smells of RATIONALE as you dip into a warm lull of rejuvenation. Clients love the sonophoresis portion of the treatment due to its warmth and relaxing component it delivers within the facial, as it effectively allows the penetration of vitamins and hydration deep with the cells.

What clients are saying:
“Looks so glowy and dewy!”
“So hydrating and well-nourished.”
“I love the feeling of fresh, smooth skin.”
“So nice and relaxing! smells really nice.”

CLICK HERE for more information on the RATIONALE Enzyme Facial.


4. Hollywood Carbon Peel

“It felt really good! My skin looks really clear after the treatment.”

Receive an instant glow with the natural remedies of carbon to help the skin’s sebum balance while promoting a fresh and even facial glow! If you love hearing your facial work its magic, then you’ll love the satisfying popping sound as the carbon reacts with the laser. Your skin will improve its oil balance, acne control, overall skin tone, and stimulates collagen production for fresher, smoother, youthful skin.

What clients are saying:
“My skin feels so plump!”
“I love how bright it looks!”
“It felt really good! My skin looks really clear after the treatment.”
“That was perfect! no downtime!”
“Wow, my pores are smaller!”

CLICK HERE for more information on the Hollywood Carbon Peel.

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5. ENERPEEL Chemical Peel

“I look fresh! my skin looks so clear.”

Now…if you are more intrigued and interested in a deep collagen and elastin production stimulating facial, then you will LOVE the EnerPeel Chemical Peel! The fibroblasts in the dermis are stimulated to produce new structural fibres and collagen and elastin. Natural hyaluronic acid production is also increased, and this plumps up the skin. Acne, acne scarring, stretch marks, melasma and hyperpigmentation are also addressed with the added active ingredients. Achieve a hydrated and refreshed feel while knowing your skin has been activated for rejuvenation over the next 24hrs.

What clients are saying:
“Loving the dewy look!”
“I look fresh! my skin looks so clear.”
“The redness around my breakouts improved straight away.”
“My inflammation and congestion has really improved.”

CLICK HERE for more information on ENERPEEL Chemical Peels.

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Well, there you have it! Wollongong’s top 5 favourite facials that clients rave about!

Don’t hesitate to call us for more information on these facials and all our other treatments and procedures we offer! We woud love to assist and help you achieve your skin goals. Our skin specialists will provide as much information as you need to make sure you understand the best ways to manage your skin!

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