Cancellation Policy

All appointments require a $50 deposit at the time of booking. This includes appointments made online, in-clinic and over the phone.

  • Three days prior to your appointment, an automatic confirmation text will be sent.
  • Please reply YES or NO to this as soon as possible to allow the appointment to be filled should you not be able to attend.
  • If we have not received a response 48hrs prior to an appointment, a second follow up message will be sent.
  • Appointments with no response or contact following this will be automatically cancelled 24 hours prior to the appointment time and the deposit forfeited.

If you prefer not to prepay a deposit, we do accept same-day bookings when availability permits. Simply call the clinic in the morning to schedule an appointment.

A rolling deposit can be kept on your account if desired.

A missed appointment is a loss to three people.. the client who missed the appointment time, another client who could have used the valuable time and the Clinician who was fully staffed and prepared for the treatment. Please respect the valuable time of our staff.”