What is Spectra XT?

Spectra XT is an extended laser platform that offers patients a wide range of treatments, including melasma, by way of different handpieces.

It produces effective results with a short treatment time.


What is it used to treat?

Spectra XT can be used for a wide range of indications.

Unique treatments include:

  • Pigmentation
  • Post-acne redness
  • Melasma
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Tattoo removal


RuVY Touch is a new pigment removal treatment that significantly reduces the possibility of having post-treatment side effects. RuVY Touch can be used to treat freckles and other epidermal pigmented lesions.

Current laser treatments can cause more crusting, are associated with longer downtime, and frequently result in side effects like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

This is because laser treatments often irritate the vasculature underneath pigmented skin, causing the irritated blood vessels to trigger an inflammatory cascade.

However, 660 nm RuVY Touch laser treatment does not irritate the vasculature, yet still removes pigmented lesions efficiently and carefully. Therefore, RuVY Touch minimises the potential side effects such as PIH that usually occur as a result of inflammation.

Post-acne redness

When acne subsides naturally or after any type of treatment, skin can remain reddish, and this can persist for a certain period of time. The skin usually looks flushed and can cause a lot of stress and loss of confidence. When areas of post-acne redness are irradiated with the Gold Toning 595nm laser beam, the laser energy is absorbed by haemoglobin in the dilated microvasculature, which is one of the causes of the redness.

Gold Toning plays a significant role in controlling the abnormal microvasculature, so the redness disappears, allowing the skin colour to return back to normal.

Gold Toning not only improves post-acne redness, but it also helps to subdue inflamed acne even without taking acne drugs, so it can be a one-stop solution for post-acne redness to inflammatory acne. Gold Toning can also target melasma concomitant with abnormal dermal vascular activity and Erythema post-treatment with laser.


Melasma is a skin condition usually seen in women and is characterised by irregular darker patches of skin. The lesion is caused by excessive melanin, the natural substance in cells that give color to skin, hair and eyes.

To remove or eliminate the appearance of melasma, laser energy gently targets and destroys melanin in the skin, and the scattered pigments are controlled by the immune system.

Laser Toning is the perfect choice for melasma treatment because it delivers long-term results with no downtime. Specifically, Spectra XT offers a new additional melasma treatment mode that is applicable to thin and dry or pain-sensitive skin.

Skin Rejuvenation

Revital Treatment is the ultimate skin rejuvenation solution to revitalise the skin. A high powered quasi-long pulsed 1064nm capable of delivering a maximum of 45J in a second, Revital Treatment is an effective wavelength to promote a good collagen remodeling effect.
There are various treatment options for large pores and wrinkles – not all of them time-efficient or long-term. If your patient suffers from such non-responsive large pores and wrinkles, then Revital Treatment is the ultimate skin rejuvenation solution you can rely on.

It brings fundamental and reliable results by targeting the deeper skin layer to tighten pores and improve wrinkles. It remodels the alignment of tissues making up the skin. Although the length of the procedure is minimal, Revital Treatment exhibits unparalleled results in skin rejuvenation.

Revital Treatment can also target seborrhea with enlarged facial pores as well as inflammatory acne lesions with seborrhea.

Tattoo Removal

With the improvement and refinement of tattoo removal technology, offered by the Spectra XT Laser, regrets of a tattoo can be successfully addressed.

In most cases, multiple treatment sessions are necessary, and it is important to get treatment utilising the latest technique. Spectra XT can target all types of coloured tattoos. It is a Dual Mode Q-Switched ND: Yag Laser that features four different wavelengths that significantly lighten or completely remove tattoo ink from the skin.