OBSERV 520 Skin Analysis System

OBSERV 520 is a state of the art skin analysing system that assists dermatologists, aestheticians and clinicians with accurate skin condition diagnosis at both the epidermal and dermal layer.
Equipped with six comprehensive observation modes to view and analyse skin health from the deepest layer right through to the surface, OBSERV 520 allows both the skin professional and client to study skin irregularities in great detail and discuss the best course of treatment to return the skin to balance.

6 Observation Modes
1. Daylight – the skin as seen in a controlled, natural daylight environment
2. Parallel Polarised – An enhanced view of the skin’s surface, fine lines, micro-relief, wrinkles, texture and pores
3. Cross Polarised – suppresses surface shine for an unobstructed view of dermal structures, vascular conditions, inflammations and pigmentation
4. True UV – Exposes skin abnormalities on the surface and in deeper skin layers’, creating distinguishable fluorescence patterns
5. Simulated Woods Light – Adjusts the spectrum of light to reveal diagnostic dimensions, such as skin dehydration and oiliness
6. Complexion Analysis – Reveals inhomogeneities in skin tone, pigmentation irregularities and irritations