RATIONALE Enzyme Reactivators

RATIONALE Enzyme Reactivation Treatment 45mins – $175

RATIONALE Enzyme Reactivators are a collection of professional strength Organic Hydroxy Acids designed to be incorporated into RATIONALE professional treatments in order to target particular skin concerns and recalibrate skin pH to a more healthy acidic level. Powerfully active, these Enzyme Reactivators are carefully selected after thorough skin analysis and tailored to suit the barrier function of the skin as it presents on the day. These skin identical formulas ensure maximum efficacy and minimal irritancy when customised conservatively to achieve optimal radiance with no downtime. The result is a strong, healthy barrier and a youthful luminous complexion.

Three types of Hydroxy Acids are available:

  • Pyruvic Acid
  • Lactic Acid
  • Salicylic Acid

Light-speed Luminosity

Instantaneous incandescence. RATIONALE Enzyme Reactivation Treatment is our streamlined treatment option tailored to accelerate targeted radiance. Designed to reactivate vital youth enzymes deep within the skin, this potent, prescriptive treatment also includes LED Light Therapy to rejuvenate and restore.


• Recalibrates skin pH to a more healthy, youthful acidic level
• Reactivates vital skin enzymes necessary for optimal skin health
• Clinical-strength Enzymes allow for targeted treatment of skin concerns
• Prescribed with conservatism, luminosity is achieved without downtime
• Boost and accelerate results achieved with homecare regimes


Pyruvic Acid
• Alpha-Keto Hydroxy Acid (AKHA) targeting sensitivity, redness, solar damage, dullness, inflamed acne and pigmentation• Generally, the mildest of the clinical-strength Enzyme Reactivators in the RATIONALE Professional Range; usually prescribed for clients beginning their treatment plan
• Typically induces either a warmth, a coolness or a mild ‘tingling’ sensation

Lactic Acid
• Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) targeting solar ageing, hyperpigmentation, dryness and dehydration
• Generally, the strongest and more cautiously prescribed clinical-strength Enzyme Reactivator in the RATIONALE Professional Range
• Typically induces a stronger ’tingling’ or ‘itching’ sensation

Salicylic Acid
• Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) targeting acne, congestion, excessive sebum production and inflammatory conditions
• Generally, used for the more specific treatment of acne and sebaceous skin conditions; either to spot treat or patch treat particular areas where oil or inflammation is of concern
• Typically induces a sharper ‘prickling’ or ‘spicy’ sensation

RATIONALE PreActivator is applied prior, which is a gentle preparatory gel complex designed to amplify and enhance the results of Enzyme Reactivation during professional RATIONALE treatments. Lactic and Amino Acids work synergistically to gently reactivate skin enzymes and optimise barrier function while skin minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium regulate the skin’s moisture gradient and boost intercellular communication.

*Clients should be using an exfoliation serum for 1-2 weeks’ minimum as a prep for the use of any RATIONALE Enzyme Reactivator strength higher than a 2% Pyruvic Acid. Exceptions to this rule may be made upon therapist discretion whereby skin has been thoroughly assessed and deemed exceptionally resilient due to the preparation of the skin with cosmeceutical actives prior to the treatment.

Enzyme Reactivation vs. Exfoliation

RATIONALE Enzyme Reactivators are named as such, because they do much more than simply exfoliate the skin. They increase cellular turnover and encourage healthy desquamation of dead skin cells, breaking down intercellular bonds holding them together. However they also reactivate vital youth enzymes which protect and stimulate collagen within the skin. They discourage the replication of P.acnes bacteria on the skin’s surface which prevent acne and congestion long term. The conservative prescription of RATIONALE Enzyme Reactivators firm and hydrate the skin, encouraging resilience, volume and elasticity.

The Acid Mantle + Epigenetic Influences

The Acid Mantle is a naturally secreted, thin, protective film that covers your skin like a barrier. An optimally healthy Acid Mantle comprises both physical protection (Ceramides, Lipids and Essential Fatty Acids) and chemical protection (vital skin Enzymes as a result of correct skin acidity). Our skin is semi-porous; a semi-permeable organ designed to provide protection against multiple environmental aggressors and foreign substances such as bacteria (as well as allowing for absorption, excretion, secretion, regulation and sensation). Skin integrity as a protective barrier is dependent on correct pH. When we’re born, our skin pH is youthfully acidic. Naturally, as we age, our skin becomes mores alkaline, a biological process that is accelerated by epigenetic factors such as; exposure to the Solar Constant, environmental pollution, damage caused by incorrect skincare, particular medications, illness, dehydration, stress or trauma to the skin.