Welcome to Skin Revival!

We are thrilled to be able to share our knowledge and expertise with you as we kick start your beautiful skin journey!

Consultation Pricing




1hr Skin Analysis Consultation
1hr Acne Skin Analysis Consultation
30min Vascular Consult – Includes test patch where needed

There are a few things
you need to know
so we can get the most
out of your initial
skin consultation:

  • Skin treatments can not be performed without having a consultation/analysis first.
  • A skin consultation is booked as a one hour appointment and quite often takes up the whole hour.
  • Please respect that due to our duty of care for you, as well as our experience and knowledge, the treatments that you ask for may not be suitable, may need a test patch first, or may require ‘prepping’ with homecare, lifestyle adjustments or alternative treatments. This will be determined by the Therapist during your consultation.
  • The cost of a skin consultation is $60 which is to be pre-paid at time of booking. This fee covers the time of the Dermal Therapist as they provide you with education, assessments, recommendations, and devise your treatment and homecare plan.

Prior to coming in
please carry out
the following:

  • Wash face prior to attending your appointment, preferably the night before or the morning of your appointment. During your consultation we use a diagnostic imaging machine that utilities different lights to assist in diagnosing skin conditions; and cleansing the skin immediately before can affect the accuracy of observing your true skin condition.
  • Please bring with you either physically, a photo or a written list of all of the products you use on your face at home, as well as any additional medications or supplements you take.
  • If you could kindly arrive 10mins prior to your appointment time, this will allow you to fill out the detailed consultation form and gives the clinician a chance to look over the form without cutting into your appointment time.

What to expect during your consultation:

  1. We will warmly welcome you to our clinic, give you a detailed form to fill out which asks about your current skin condition, health, nutrition, medical issues, medications, lifestyle, homecare product usage and previous treatment history.
  2. One of our Skin Therapists will direct you to a consultation room and discuss your concerns, reasons for visiting the clinic, and the relevant information that you provided on your consultation form.
  3. We will further assess your skin by looking at the deeper structures through our ‘Observe’ machine, which will also become your pre-treatment photos.
  4. After determining what your major skin concerns or goals are, you will receive education about your skin condition and it’s causes or contributing factors that may be both internal and external, and may suggest some lifestyle alterations to assist with this.
  5. Your therapist will devise a treatment plan that is suitable for you whilst considering your expectations, finance and time. This treatment plan will involve in-clinic treatments, homecare product and other nutritional or lifestyle recommendations that are matched to improve your skin concerns.

Where to find us:

Skin Revival is located at 4/44 Hopetoun Street, Woonona NSW 2517
We are on the ground floor inside the Woonona Medical Practice. There is free unlimited off street parking located behind the building, entrance via Hopetoun Street. When entering from the back parking lot, enter through the automated glass doors to the right of the Medical Imaging. Once in the building follow the corridor to the end and enter Skin Revival through the white door. We ask, if coming from the street front, you don’t walk directly through the medical center, rather enter from the back of building.

Important Cancellation Policy Update

Effective on all new bookings from 1st April 2023


  • All appointments will now require a $50 deposit at the time of booking. This includes appointments made online, in-clinic and over the phone.
  • Three days prior to your appointment, an automatic confirmation text will be sent.
  • Please reply YES or NO to this as soon as possible to allow the appointment to be filled should you not be able to attend.
  • If we have not received a response 48hrs prior to an appointment, a second follow up message will be sent.
  • Appointments with no response or contact following this will be automatically cancelled 24 hours prior to the appointment time and the deposit forfeited.

We have tried our best not to implement deposits on all bookings in the past, and are extremely thankful for your continued support of our little clinic.

Due to increased number of late cancellations and no shows, along increasing demand and cost pressures, we felt this was the best to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our bookings and services.

Should you not wish to prepay a deposit we do take same booking where possible if you would like to call the clinic in the morning for an appointment.

New policy applies to all appointments for all clients. A rolling deposit can be kept on your account if desired.

A missed appointment is a loss to three people.. the client who missed the appointment time, another client who could have used the valuable time and the Clinician who was fully staffed and prepared for the treatment. Please respect the valuable time of our staff.”