Lip Procedures

Lip procedures are used to enhance or correct the lip by building volume in key areas of the lip that our injecting clinician has discussed during the consultation with you. The clinician will outline the amount of product required that will be of benefit to achieve the desired outcome you are looking for, or to achieve the greatest benefit for correction.

The newest and safest injections are applied after the effect of the topical anesthetic is felt to insure minimal discomfort during the treatment. We also provide anesthetic gas if required to also reduce some further discomfort during the treatments. Our injecting clinician will give you more information about its possible benefits during the consultation process.

What are some common aesthetic goals for lips that can be achieved?

“Cupid’s bow” lips: The Cupid’s bow is the double curve of the upper lip, resembling the bow of Cupid, Roman god of love. Traditionally, a well-defined upper lip line is thought to help create a more beautiful lip shape.

A symmetrical pout: Typically, achieving better symmetry of the face can help to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing look. Sometimes, volume of the lips is naturally asymmetrical, or a scar or injury may have caused volume loss. Filler can be used to address symmetry of the lips and their shape.

“Natural-looking” full lips: When it comes to size and volume, a natural-looking result is key. We use products that moves with each smile and expression to provide more natural-looking results.

Perioral lines: Also called “smoker’s lines,” “vertical lip lines,” or “barcode lines,” they develop with age and can be smoothed.

Lip color and texture: The products used is clinically proven to enhance texture and color of the lips while maintaining a full range of expressions. Everyone’s facial structure is different, and so are everyone’s ideal lip shape and size. Lip procedures are designed to provide precise lip shaping and line control, resulting in natural-looking results.

How often should I get Lip Procedures?

Results may vary depending on your individual body chemistry (metabolism) and the amount of product used. The brand we use has several products, some of which are clinically proven to last up to 1 year. Talk to your injector about the best treatment plan for you

* Due to TGA rules we are not allowed to list the brand name of the product, this has been replaced with the term *Lip Procedures