1 month of using corrective serums and a non-stripping cleanser. Skin has become already more hydrated, plump, and refined. – Georgia

Acne Treatment Program series. Genesis Laser alternating with enzyme peels and vitamin infusions. Also using Acnigo product as homecare. – Ange

Scar Revision. Weekly LED treatments, one epithelialisation treatment and immediately followed by 3 Radio Frequency and 2 Laser Genesis procedures. Low % topical Vitamin A serum/cream as homecare. Total procedure took 7 weeks. – Georgia

Anti-wrinkle injections. 2 weeks following treatment. – Laurissa

Acne package with weekly treatments. Hydrating & Enzyme Resurfacing. Less congestion and inflammation. Skin much healthier and oil quality has improved. – Georgia

Skin Needling Treatment with Factor4. – Laurissa

Lip Correction – 1ml lip filler – Laurissa

Lip enhancement – 1ml lip filler – Laurissa

Sculpture Treatment. 1 vial Sculptura – 8 days difference. – Laurissa

2ml of Dermal Filler. (1ml in the jaw and 1ml on the chin). – Laurissa

Cheek enhanment – 1ml thick filler – Laurissa

Natural plump lips by our Registered Nurse Laurissa

Results after two sessions of Lip Filler by Nurse Laurissa

Progress with commitment to in-clinic treatments + strict homecare routine prescribed by Natasha. Onto scar revision work next.

Mens Aesthetics by Nurse Laurissa – Chin and Jawline enhancement using Dermal Filler

Immediately before and after Lip Enhancement Injections

First time anti-wrinkle injections in the crows feet area by Nurse Michelle

First time lip filler, natural enhancement by Nurse Michelle

Progress after treatments with Natasha
Reduced redness as the barrier has been restored, hydration levels in the skin have increased, PIH scarring from acne/ picking has lightened (the brown marks)