IV Vitamin Infusions

Skin Revival has a number of signature IV treatments available and any of these can be customised to fit your needs. You do not need to have a health condition to benefit from IV therapy, you may be feeling run down or simply lost your glow!

What to Expect

The IVs used during you Intravenous (IV) Infusion Therapy are exactly the same that you would find in a hospital. Instead of a clinical experience though, our IV infusions are given in a peaceful setting and leave you feeling calm, relaxed, and refreshed.

Depending on your customised IV cocktail, the infusion can be finished in as little as 30 minutes. Our friendly and attentive staff will keep you calm, cared for, and comfortable during your infusion. Patients leave feeling vibrant, energised, and refreshed.

How Does IV Vitamin Therapy Infusion Work?

IV administration of vitamins and nutrients can achieve blood concentrations not obtainable with oral vitamins. In certain disease states, the capacity of nutrients to be absorbed by the cells may be diminished. IV vitamin therapy infusion can be very effective for correcting nutrient deficiencies inside the cells, where DNA repair takes place.

During Your First Visit For IV Vitamin Therapy Infusions:

During the first visit, a Registered Nurse (RN) will discuss your primary concerns and possible benefits of IV treatment. The RN will review your health, medical and surgical history and any medications you are taking.

Based on this assessment, your IV Infusion will be customised to address your individual needs. If you have any complex medical conditions, our doctor may request you obtain blood work or further testing and/or your personal GP’s approval prior to administering any IV infusions. S4 prescriptions of IV nutrients are administered and monitored only by medical staff.

How To Care For Yourself After Your IV Vitamin Therapy Infusion

• Apply pressure to site for 2 minutes after IV has been removed
• Keep Band-Aid in place for 1 hour
• Warm packs and elevating your arm can be used for any bruising at the site
• Cold packs can be used for pain relief and to decrease any swelling at the site
• Any swelling should be significantly reduced in 24 hours
• Post IV infusion symptoms are uncommon
• Dehydration is the cause of most symptoms and concerns
• We encourage you to drink at least 1-2L of water after your IV infusion
• If enough water is not consumed, you may experience any of the following symptoms: headaches, nausea, joint pain, blurred vision, cramping (GI and/or muscular), mental confusion or disorientation

Patients Commonly Report One of Two Patterns After An IV Vitamin Therapy Infusion

Patients generally feel better right away. Due to a busy lifestyle, many people are chronically dehydrated and deficient in vitamins and minerals causing them to not feel well. Once the patient is hydrated and the nutrients are replaced, their symptoms improve quickly. Patients sometimes feel tired. These patients are generally in the process of detoxifying.

After this period, an overall improvement in one’s sense of well-being is generally reported.

How Often Will I Need IV Vitamin Therapy Infusions?

The number and frequency of treatments will vary depending on certain factors.
• Condition(s) being treated
• Current health status of the patient
• Response of the patient to the treatments

A general estimate of the number of treatments needed is discussed during the first visit. As we go along, we will develop a more specific treatment plan. Most patients will require at least 5-10 treatments. Depending on the response, some patients will then go on to maintenance therapy with occasional treatments.


Our immune booster supports immune function with a combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to support inner health and overall wellbeing especially during times of stress.



The Myer’s cocktailwas originally designed by Dr John Myers over 50 years ago and has been the benchmark of IV vitamins. The Modified Myer’s is the “all rounder” that boosts energy levels, increases cellular hydration, boosts the immune system, increases antioxidants and promotes an overall well being.



Antioxidants are key to reducing free radicals in our body. Our super IV antioxidant infusion takes anti ageing to the next level, with a huge dose of vitamins and minerals focused on boosting antioxidant levels. The super antioxidant IV will aid in fighting fatigue causes by free radicals, increase mood and energy levels, promote collagen production and promote that healthy glow.



Vitamin B12 helps your body use fat and carbohydrates for energy, thus leading to increased energy production and a decrease in fatigue and lethargy. Vitamin B12 is also used for various health and wellness applications like boosting red blood cell production and is a great way to overcome cold and flu symptoms, enhance weight loss, increase energy levels, relieve hangover symptoms, and make you feel more alert. Enquire during your consultation to find out if you could benefit from a quick B12 IM Boost.