Zilch Acne Formula

Zilch Acne Formula

Zilch Acne Formula: All Natural & so Effective.

Zilch Acne Formula by Dr. Vivian Tam is a 100% natural, Chinese Medicine herbal supplement designed for acne. Its powerful blend works on healing the skin from the inside out to provide a real, long term solution to problematic skin.

The mission: to help everyone achieve real results in clear skin without the use of harsh chemicals or drugs.

All the Good Stuff

  • All natural – 100% Chinese herbal active ingredients
  • No harsh chemicals or drugs
  • No fillers, additives, preservatives – no nasties!
  • Developed by industry leading and registered Doctor of Chinese Medicine
  • Proven success of over 90%
    (*A reduction of 80% within 4 weeks from 250 clinic patient reports.)
  • Heal skin from the inside out
  • Safe and effective, long term results
  • Proudly 100% Australian owned

Tried and Tested: The Power of Chinese Medicine

Zilch Acne Formula is made up purely of 17 potent Chinese Medicine herbal ingredients and no added nasties. The formula works to reduce inflammation, clear heat and toxicity in the skin and body and promote blood circulation for healing. It’s been tried and tested with an over 90% success rate*

(*A reduction of 80% within 4 weeks from 250 clinic patient reports.)

How Zilch Works

  • Reduce Inflammation and HeatZilch calms the heat and inflammation that causes swelling, redness and itching. Heat in the body venting through the skin as pimples is similar to how earth’s core heat would cause volcano eruptions.
  •  Remove Toxins

    Zilch supports the body to eliminate toxin build up that can cause breakouts

  • Boost Blood Circulation

    Poor circulation can lead to blockages, stagnation and swelling, resulting in deeper and sore nodules. Ingredients in Zilch encourage blood circulation to stop this stagnation from happening.

  •  Promote Healing

    Ingredients in Zilch help support healthy tissue repair and promote healing.

Zilch may assist with:

  • Deep under-the-skin, painful acne
  • Whiteheads (pimples that come to a head)
  • Acne resulting from coming off the pill
  • Hormonal acne
  • Adult acne on jawline, chin, cheeks and temples
  • Stubborn acne that has not responded to other treatments
  • Body acne (chest, back, shoulders, buttocks)
  • Closed comedones (clogged skin)

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Before and Afters:

Before, 2 weeks, 6 weeks

2 week progress: “I have struggled with adult acne which flares up with stress and hormonal changes. For the past year I have read so many reviews and tried so many “miracle” products and had no results. After two weeks of using Zilch I can see that my skin is changing. My breakouts are only on my neck and jawline and the cystic breakouts have diminished. I am now able to concentrate on healing my skin rather than attacking it with harsh products.”

6 week progress: “I wanted to share my progress with you – I had forgotten how bad my skin was before Zilch and opening this email reminded me. It’s unbelievable how much my skin has improved. Now I have ZERO cystic bumps, not even any normal pimples and minimal blackheads. I have a little scarring, but it will heal in time.
Thank you so much for making this incredible product. “

Before – 1 bottle of Zilch over 4 months

I actually heard about Zilch a few months before I tried it. My partner wanted me to wait for my dermatologist appointment to see if her treatments worked. How wrong I was to wait!! I often wonder how much better my scarring would have been. I’m in the UK and our NHS treatments are limited she really wanted me to try roaccutane and differin. but I can honestly say at this point I was suicidal and as a Mother I didn’t want to take the extra risk. I tried the differin and antibiotics but nothing changed it actually got worse as it brought everything to the surface. When I left an extremely stressful job and started having acupuncture twice a week things improved a lot, but not enough. So I tried Zilch and here I am 4 months on! I have had 4 chemical peels and 1 session of microneedling for scarring. No side effects, no roaccutane and no new breakouts. I couldn’t be happier and would recommend that everyone give this a go before roaccutane and especially eliminate stress.

Before – After one bottle of Zilch

So I’ve finally finished my first bottle of Zilch and I am so happy with my results! Although it didn’t completely STOP my flare ups (I mean it was only one bottle after all!!) it has made such a HUGE difference to how quickly my cysts have calmed down.
Before Zilch, my cystic acne would multiply so quickly but with Zilch incorporated into my routine they have calmed almost instantly, shrinking to half the size by the next morning! No more multiplying and no more soreness/redness like before. An absolute miracle for my inflammation! As you can see in the photos, my face also looks so much smoother and brighter now.

When I first got acne I was so stressed, anxious and self conscious, that I hid myself away for months. I no longer socialised with friends, and when I did, hiding my acne was always on the forefront of my mind. After discovering your company within the incredibly acne community on Instagram, I can now say that I have grown to become confident within my own skin again.

Acne can become so physically, mentally and emotionally challenging at times, that I don’t think you can truly understand or empathise with until you have gone through it yourself. I certainly didn’t. Going through this has allowed me to focus more on supporting those who are silently struggling through the stigma of acne.

To have a fully natural and caring company like yours to support me on my natural skincare journey is amazing. So thank you for all of your time spent researching and developing this natural formula for people who believe nature provides all.

Before – 3 weeks on Zilch

After taking Zilch for 3 weeks, my skin has changed drastically. This is a huge victory for me and I seriously can’t believe I finally found something that worked. After stopping birth control in November 2017 I got acne and since then I’ve tried all the skincare products under the sun, I avoided certain foods, and nothing helped. I was desperate and after one year I started to feel hopeless. I’ve spent so much money and I almost hesitated in buying zilch because of it, but I knew I couldn’t give up. I would get cysts that were so painful and would last for 2/3 weeks at a time and as soon as they healed I would get new ones. Now, I can finally say my skin has cleared up, and I can just focusing on healing my scars. This is all thanks to Zilch. Thank you for giving me hope again and make a product that works!