Summer pigment treatments

Summer pigment treatments

Corrective treatments for pigmentation is not advised during summer because it exposures your skin cells to more damage, which ultimately defeats the purpose of the treatment, is unsafe and completely unethical to perform due to Australia’s excessive heat and UV, that’s almost impossible to hide from.

So, what can be done to reduce the appearance of uneven pigmentation during the summer months?

We know that heat and Ultraviolet Radiation stimulates formation of Melanin, it takes a complex chain of events within the skin for this to happen. Repeated unprotect UV exposure will impact on your skins natural built-in defence, resulting in damage.

Supporting your skin with correct homecare products and in clinic treatments that respect the process will result in post-summer skin being less damaged, healthier and ready for any corrective treatments over the cooler months and Winter, which is the perfect time to treat pigment disorders and get the best, safest and long lasting results.

These include:
Homecare that is specifically chosen to suit your skin type, repairs and protects, should be a priority.  With ingredients that reduce oxidative stress on cells caused by the UV and heat exposure (tyrosinase inhibitors, antioxidants, DNA repair and Cell support).

Layering protection is the key to protection. Our favourite summer Environmental protection products include Rationale, Dermaceutic, Osmosis, Civona, are just some of our in clinic brands that offer serious support for your skin and incorporate powerful actives.

Think Dermaceutic Mela cream, Civona Multi Pigment Treatment Serum, Revision Oil-free 50+ , Rationale Superfluid SPF, Osmosis Rescue and Catalyst AC11.

In clinic treatments safe for summer:

Rationale Enzyme Reactivation treatment
Rationale Photogenic facial
Osmosis Facial Infusion
Skin Revival Signature
Heal-light  LED with antioxidant infusions

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