High Quality Fish Oil for Skin Nutrition

High Quality Fish Oil for Skin Nutrition

Ultimate Omega is your foundation for healthy and vibrant skin.

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega® supports healthy, beautiful skin with potent omega-3 fatty acids that help skin cells ensure proper  hydration, perform protective barrier functions, and maintain the skin’s resilience.
Available in convenient lemon-flavoured soft-gels or as a great-tasting lemon liquid for even more omega-3s per serving for the ultimate healthy and beautiful skin, as well as concentrated support for the whole body.

High Quality Fish Oil for Skin Nutrition

Radiant, well-nourished skin needs support at the cellular level, where true beauty begins.

Skin is the largest organ in the human body, and can often be the first visual indicator of an omega-3 essential fatty acid deficiency. EPA and DHA are crucial nutrients for skin health and function. These essential fatty acids (EFAs) control a large number of cellular processes that directly impact skin health.

EFAs reside in the membranes that surround skin cells, where they facilitate vital cellular functions, including transporting nutrients into and wastes out of the cell, regulating inflammation, retaining moisture, promoting cell turnover, distributing melanin evenly, and preventing the free radical and oxidative damage that underlies skin ageing.

Those who do not eat fish regularly or take quality fish oil supplements are highly likely to have an EFA deficiency. Deficiencies can lead to dry, problematic skin that is prone to inflammation, premature ageing, uneven pigmentation, and acne.

A large and growing body of evidence indicates that supplementing with EPA and DHA benefits all skin types. Studies have shown that increased intake of DHA can lead to measured improvements in eczema, and that increased levels of EPA inhibits the ultraviolet radiation-related damage that causes premature ageing and wrinkles.

Research shows that the most reliable source of omega-3s is a high-quality fish oil supplement.

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