Elevate Your Antioxidant Status

Elevate Your Antioxidant Status

Antioxidants naturally deplete as we age and require topical supplementation to maintain optimal skin health.

These days, we’ve become pretty savvy in protecting ourselves from the sun but research has shown that environmental damage is proving to be the new culprit when it comes to premature ageing in our skin. In order to protect against this type of damage, we need specialised defence.

Most of us are aware of the consequences of high pollution levels—and we often think of it as a visible problem—but it isn’t just those built-up areas and exhaust fumes that are causing damage to our skin. In fact, most forms of pollution are invisible to the human eye: water, air, soil, thermal, radioactive, noise and light. In everyday life, these types of pollution vary from cigarette smoke and air conditioning, to pesticides and fertilisers. Exposure to these environmental aggressors can cause dehydration, barrier dysfunction, congestion within the skin, and can exacerbate inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema.

And while pollution is a real threat to our skin, it’s the harmful combination of pollution and UVA+UVB damage that has a significant impact on our overall skin health; our skin is continuously exposed to environmental stressors and the combined effects of the Solar Constant – made up of UV, InfraRed and Visible Light. Our skin is equipped with antioxidant systems which are designed to maintain a balance of antioxidants in the skin. However, these antioxidants naturally deplete as we age and require topical supplementation to maintain optimal skin health.Anti-pollution ingredients must strengthen the epidermis in order to create a lipid barrier between our skin and the environment—which also naturally declines as we age.

“Antioxidants are directly responsible for neutralising the effects of pollution, and protecting us from UV damage – they really are our skin soldiers! “

Katie Matten, RATIONALE National Education Manager


The new RATIONALE Antioxidant Hydragel creates a Ceramic Shield comprised of skin identical Minerals that build resilience, and equip skin identical Antioxidants in providing ultimate protection against our environment. The ceramic pearls of this protective ultrafine mesh are crowned with the finest silica and titanium to deliver a dewy, light-diffusing elegance to the complexion.

RATIONALE Antioxidant Hydragel nourishes and protects against pollution, while Australian Solar Protective Botanicals defend against InfraRed Radiation. Essential Skin Minerals restore hydration levels, which are perfect for enhancing skin clarity and resilience, targeting pigmentation and protecting against environmental stressors by creating a protective barrier between you and the city.

Katie Matten, National Education Manager for Rationale Skincare

Article provided by Rationale Journal

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