A Holistic Approach to Healthy Skin

A Holistic Approach to Healthy Skin

The ever evolving technology and science behind skincare formulations gives us use of some incredibly effective solutions to deliver great results in cosmetics. Scientific foundations are always important when it comes to correcting skin concerns topically, however to truly achieve optimal results there must also be a balance of inner health. It is not until these elements are synchronised and working in harmony that great results can be achieved and maintained.

This is the philosophy behind a holistic approach to skin.

When was the last time your therapist looked for the cause of your skin condition and adjusted that first before you committed to a course of treatments?

“When we welcome a new client we always start with an in depth consultation that usually goes for an hour. During this time we educate our clients about what internal factors could likely be contributing to their skin condition such as lifestyle, environment, nutrition, hormones and stress and we work out realistic ways these can be corrected. Then we pair these suggestions with suitable treatment and homecare options to have a holistic treatment plan. The long term results and life-long education our clients gain speak for themselves”

Some common focus points …

Inflammation is a common feature seen in many skin conditions these days such as acne and rosacea. When investigated further inflammatory skin conditions are commonly paired with internal gut issues and other systemic inflammatory disorders and are usually triggered by genetics, incorrect homecare usage, hormone changes, stress, and nutrition. Inflammation is greatly effected by nutrition in particular, and changes such as avoiding foods high in GI and sugar and reducing dairy can significantly reduce the symptom. In addition, increasing foods high in good fatty acids such as avocado, Fatty fish and nuts and including a good OMEGA supplement can maintain a better anti-inflammatory state of the body as a whole.

Stress can stimulate CHR, or corticotrophin-releasing hormone which then binds to receptors in the skins oil glands. Since the oil gland is an immune organ it can produce inflammation, swelling and discomfort. This is a common cycle seen in conditions like Acne and Rosacea and gives explanation as to why these common skin conditions often include increased oil flow and pimples. Stress can also enhance nerve signalling, making people more inclined to scratch/itch/touch their faces. Stress relief should be a major topic to include when correcting skin concerns. Meditation, yoga and other hobbies are a great way to reduce stress!

Ranges we love:

NORDIC NATURALS (omega supplements) with EPA and DHA these two main components of omega-3 from fish oil are essential nutrients to maintain general health and well being

VITASOL WHOLEFOOD POWDERS – Concentrated vegan friendly powder blends to provide the body with extra vitamins, minerals, herbs and prebiotics for wellbeing and cell protection

OSMOSIS wellness dietary capsules and elixir’s – formulated by Dr Ben Johnson these supplements help to detox the skin and support the body’s natural defence against viruses, bacteria, pathogens and potential auto-immune diseases