Wrinkle Relaxing Injectables & Dermal Fillers

Wrinkle Relaxing Injectables & Dermal Fillers

What are ‘Cosmetic Injectables’?

Anti Wrinkle Agents and Dermal Fillers sometimes interchangeably called “injectables”.

These are ‘non-surgical’ methods for treating fine lines and wrinkles or facial skeletal atrophy (lost volume or hollowing of the face in certain areas).

  • quick results
  • minimal discomfort
  • little if any downtime
  • eradicating wrinkles that stem from repeated facial expression
  • frown lines
  • squinting/crow’s feet

How it works

Neurotoxins work by temporarily relaxing the underlying facial muscles that cause wrinkles when they contract. With these muscles relaxed, patients can smile, frown, or look surprised without the wrinkles and creases.

Today, there are many different kinds of injectables and dermal fillers, each with the ability to treat signs of aging; volume loss, overly thin lips, fine lines and wrinkles. Where anti-wrinkle injections relax facial muscles, dermal fillers work by adding temporary volume under the skin in order to fill wrinkles and plump the skin.

Areas that can be injected with anti-wrinkle injections