Winter Hydration

Winter Hydration

Dear oh dear, Winter is here – Again! Some tips to beat those winter hydration blues…

That’s right, jack frost is just around the corner, those cool changes are becoming more frequent, and the leaves are well and truly falling. While you break out your winter wardrobe, have a think about the way your skin behaves in the cold. Often Winter is the time when our skin needs the most hydration. This is due to a number of different factors – exposure to the windy, often wild weather is one, but also being snug inside with heaters constantly going can wreak havoc on even the most hydrated skin.

We will often drink less water in winter, and showers often have a habit of getting hotter and hotter during the cold months, this will further dehydrate your skin and make it more prone to windburn and other cold-weather related issues. When our skin is dehydrated, it has a reduced barrier function, and has less of an ability to protect us from outside irritants. Helping our skin stay hydrated will allow it to do its job properly.

So what do we do when that first breath of cold air hits our noses? First thing is to reassess your skincare regime. You will need to increase your moisture level, this can be done through changing to a more intense, heavier moisturiser. This will help your skin retain more moisture throughout the day.

Synergie have a great range of more intense moisturisers which are fantastic for giving a bit of extra oomph to your hydration during the winter months. Try the Synergie Hydrolock (RRP $135) for a great evening boost, or the Synergie Reclaim (RRP $135) for a great daytime hydrator.

“But I have combination skin! I can’t possibly get a heavier cream than I have now!”

Never fear! There is a solution. If you are using (for example) the Synergie Uberzinc and don’t necessarily want to go increase the weight of your moisturiser, a simple add on would be the Dermaviduals Lotion N (avaliable in either 30ml or 150ml, starting from RRP .$49). This little bottle will be an answer to your dry skin’s prayers. All it takes is a single spray in the palm of your hand then pat it over your face (less is best!). It can be applied under your moisturising cream and/or throughout the day when you are feeling dry (yes, even over your makeup – just make sure you pat it on and don’t wipe!)

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION* When you look at your skin regime, ensure that you are putting your products on in the right order. Always follow – Cleanser first, then Lighter serums, then move on to your heaver creams.

For a bit of an extra luxurious boost – try a mask! Great paired with a warm bubble bath and a glass of wine, a mask is not only a great way to give your skin an at-home moisture treatment, but also is a fantastic way to wind down at the end of a busy week!
Try the Synergie Masquerase (RRP. $108), the Rationale Immunologist Mask (RRP. $188) or the Teoxane RHA Hydrogel Mask (RRP. $99)

Stay warm- and hydrate!

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