Staff Focus – Michelle

Staff Focus – Michelle

Michelle Garcia is a Senior Cosmetic Nurse. She began her career working and empowering women in obstetrics but discovered her underlying passion for making women look and feel their best. Her desire to learn and evolve has enabled her to gain a detailed knowledge of facial aesthetics and clinical anatomy. She prides herself on giving her clients an honest and natural approach and believes customer service, client education, an empathetic manner and strong attention to detail has enabled her to deliver outstanding treatment outcomes for her clients. Michelle has a strong interest in treating cheeks, natural lip enhancement, and creating “the happy face”. Her clients are both men and women who have an interest in anti aging treatments. Michelle is passionate about education and ensures her clients understand all aspects of the treatments they receive, including product used and post treatment care. In the ever-evolving cosmetic industry it is important to always stay up to date, Michelle is always attending education days and sessions to ensure she is continuing her professional development and bringing the latest techniques to her clients. Always remember any small concerns is never too much so feel free to contact her in clinic.


Favourite Treatment = Cheek Filler

What are cheek fillers?

Michelle: Surprisingly, our cheeks are our secret weapon to help rejuvenate our face. Over time our cheek fat pads start to diminish in volume leaving the skin less supported structurally in the midface, affecting nearby areas including the skin around our eyes and lines around our mouth. Dermal cheek fillers add volume and definition to the face, as well as a big boost of hydration, which is why it’s often called the facelift without the facelift or commonly referred to as the ‘liquid facelift’.


How do cheek fillers work?

Michelle: As we age, we start to lose volume in certain areas of the face which can make us look tired and sunken. This is caused by fat pad volume loss coupled with the body’s decreased ability to produce collagen and elastin. Some of the first and most noticeable areas to lose volume in our face is in the midface or cheek area under our eyes and around our eyes and cheekbones.

Cheek treatment may help address the following concerns:

  • The appearance of ageing
  • Reduce smile lines
  • Lift your jowls
  • Reduce fine lines around your eyes
  • Restore volume to your cheeks
  • Creates angles to help slim your face

How long do cheek fillers last?

Michelle: Once you reach your optimal dose, the results can last approximately 12 months plus.

How quickly will I see results?

Michelle: Given hyaluronic fillers are a gel, the results are instant. The degree of change comes down to the dose used and this is based on the desired result requested by the patient i.e. subtle vs more enhanced.


Michelles Injecting Results