Post COG Thread Information – Please read carefully.

Thanks for attending your appointment for COG threads at Skin Revival. Please read through the below carefully to ensure best outcome of your treatment.


✓ If you have been provided with PDO Bio-Threads Compression Face Sling, wear it consistently for 48-72 hours immediately following the procedure. Continue to wear the sling at night for 1-2 weeks. This helps to keep the Threads in place and reduce swelling following the procedure.
✓ Keep the dressing and area of insertion dry for at least 24-48 hours, or as recommended.
✓ Place a cold compact (covered in towel) on the area for 5 to 10 minutes, every hour, to reduce pain and swelling. Continue this for the 24 hours following the procedure, if required.
✓ COG threads are quite an invasive treatment and swelling and pain is normal for the days following.
✓ The treatment needs time to settle and may change over the days following your appointment. It is important to let this process happen. A review can be held one week following your appointment, ideally two to allow the swelling to settle.
✓ Take prescribed antibiotics and any other medication (e.g Ibuprofen or Paracetamol) as prescribed by your Physician, if required.
✓ Home skin care routine can return to normal with caution of pressure around treated areas and avoiding the entry points.

✕ DO NOT massage areas where the Threads are placed unless instructed.
✕ DO NOT operate heavy equipment for the day following the procedure. It is sometimes recommended that patients do not drive following the procedure.
✕ DO NOT engage in vigorous physical activity for at least 48 hours following the procedure, or as recommended by your Practitioner.
✕ AVOID placing any direct pressure to the face and area where the sutures were placed, immediately following the procedure. Avoid this for up to 2-3 weeks following the procedure. For example, avoid sleeping on your face.
✕ DO NOT use potentially contaminating facial cosmetics, hair products and dyes until the entry points (areas where the Threads were inserted) have healed, or as recommended.
✕ AVOID excessive heat (e.g. hot showers, saunas, laser procedures, excessive time outside etc) for at least 3 weeks.
✕ DO NOT perform excessive mouth-opening movements for 2 weeks following the procedure, as they can put excessive strain on Lifting Threads. For example, avoid flossing, yawning, shouting, smiling etc., and stay on a soft diet if necessary. DO NOT undergo dental procedures for at least 3-4 weeks, or as recommended.

Additional considerations

These recommendations do not account for individual patient differences and will vary on a case-by-case basis. Please follow any alternate or additional advice provided by your Practitioner. Immediately contact your Practitioner if any symptoms or complications arise