As the skin ages, a number of different changes occur. It thins and loses elasticity which in turn causes small lines and wrinkles. With repeated sun exposure, which is so common in Australia particularly, aged skin can also become blotchy and freckled.

Chemical peeling is a way to remove the damaged, superficial layers of skin which appear as the skin ages. It reveals a new layer of healthier skin, with improved elasticity. This results in a softer, and more even complexion, as well as encouraging the growth of new cells, pumping and tightening the skin along the way.

How do we choose the right peel for you?

There are many different types of peels ranging from superficial to very deep. The degree of damage your skin has will determine the type of peel our clinicians choose for you. As a general rule, the more damaged your skin is, the deeper the peel required to improve it.
There are always, however exceptions to the rule, and your clinician will make this decision based on your main skin concerns and the health of your skin’s barrier function.
Most of the peels we use in clinic are recommended in a set of three spaced three to four weeks apart. This again is conditional on an individual’s Fitzpatrick skin type. Click here.

Course of Treatments

A course of 3-4 chemical peels is needed to be of maximum benefit. These are 1 every 10 days to 2 weeks and preceded by a 2 weeks skin preparation. Preparation is important to ensure that your skin benefits fully from the effects of the peel whilst allowing you to continue with your daily routine uninterupted by peeling and flaking skin.

Depending on the extent of your problem or the size of the area involved, it may be necessary to have more than one type and/or more than one course or peels.

All chemical peels are prescribed specifically for you.


Individual treatments (Face OR Neck & Dec)

45mins LED + Advanced Peel – $220