Signature Facials


Signature Facials

Each facial is customised for your skin’s needs. These treatments are
suitable for an introduction to advanced treatments or as a maintenance regime
after major treatment. Perfect gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas and special
occasions, or a special something for yourself!

No laser is used in these treatments:

Civona® Dermal Pro+
$180 | 60 minutes
Each CIVONA® treatment is customised to your skin’s
needs to rebuild and support healthy skin function.
Working deeply to instigate physiological change
within cells to enable reversal of damage brought on
by all extrinsic factors. These treatments are suitable
for an introduction to advanced treatments or as a
maintenance regime after corrective programs.

Treatments include:
ž Sonophoresis or Hydrobrasion
ž LED light therapy
ž Lymphatic drainage
ž Customised skin resurfacing
ž Customised vitamin ultrasound infusion

Increases scar tissue remodelling, helps
clear stubborn bacteria, improves wound
healing and calms inflammation.

Unique combination of amino acids that
focus on skin nutrition and protein synthesis
normalising uneven epidermal pigmentation.
The blend of skin nutrition actives support
melanin synthesis and reduce hyperpigment,
evening skin tone.

Enhances growth factors and skin nutrition
delivery as well as potent antioxidants to
support DNA repair.

Damaged skin support combining potent
antioxidant amino acids to reduce
inflammation and drive cell repair.

Acnigo® Clinical Clear
$120 | 45 – 60 minutes

ž LED light therapy
ž Anti-inflammatory BHA resurfacing
ž Essential nutrient infusion
ž Extractions (if required)

Clean and Clear Tri Level Pore Purification
$150 | 30-60mins
ž Heat infused active enzymes
žGalvanic decongestion
Hydrobrasion H20 exfoliation
ž Extractions (if required)
ž Niacinamide and Hyaluronic infusion

Dermaviduals® Sensitised Skin Support
$185 | 45-60mins
Gentle H2O cavitation clean
žGentle LED light therapy
ž DMS and calming algae

Skin Revival® Signature Hydration
$225 | 60-90mins
Hydrobrasion (face, neck and décolletage)
LED light therapy
Customised active infusion
Lymphatic drainage
Hydrating algae mask
Head and neck massage

Rationale® EpiNova Photosonic
$250 | 60-90mins
Sonophoresis clean
ž Enzyme reactivator
ž LED light therapy
ž Vitamin infusion mask with ultrasound
ž Somato sensory pressure point massage