Why should I have Diamond Micro-dermabrasion?

With so many skin care options to choose from, taking care of your skin can get downright confusing. Diamond micro-dermabrasion is both effective on conditions ranging from anti-ageing to acne scarring and is a relatively mild procedure.

As far as exfoliation methods go, micro-dermabrasion is among the best you can find. By removing dead skin cells quickly, you’ll revive a dull-looking complexion and also help prevent other types of skin issues such as clogged pores. Once free of old, dull skin, your complexion will return to a clear and glowing one as new skin develops and shines through.

Micro-dermabrasion and micro-hydrobrasion are performed with diamonds should not be confused with crystal micro-dermabrasion. While crystals are often less expensive and offered in more places, there are some potential side effects you should be aware of. Since the process involves sloughing the skin with crystals, dust particles are released as a result. If this dust gets into your mouth, eyes or nose, you could experience negative side effects.

You can get beneficial results from Crystal micro-dermabrasion – this is true. However, avoiding areas around the mouth and eyes is a must with this kind of treatment. This is unfortunate because these are areas that usually need treatment first and are the reasons many people look to such a treatment in the first place.

Treating delicate areas like those around the eyes and mouth are one of the major advantages of treatments using diamonds instead of crystals. None of the harmful dust particles are created during the diamond micro-dermabrasion process. Accordingly, the areas needing anti-aging treatments the most can receive it.

What skin conditions and complaints can Ecleris Diamond micro-hydrobrasion treat?

Diamond micro-hydrobrasion provides excellent results for people with fine lines and wrinkles, sun damaged skin, scarring, blackheads and whiteheads, enlarged or open pores, and superficial age spots. It can also help reduce excess oil production and assist with dull, stressed and congested skin.
Treatment starts at $90 per session.