At Skin Revival we believe in great skincare as much as we do in clinic treatments, that is why we house and subscribe only the best available products backed with science and results.

Rationale Skincare
Skin Revival is the only clinic in the Illawarra to prescibe Rationale Skincare.

Rationale draws on world-leading Australian solar skincare research to deliver all of the actives you need to protect from and repair sun damage and maintain healthy, glowing skin for life. We’ve also incorporated the unique SolarProtective and SolarRepair biotechnology of native Australian Botanicals for the ultimate solar defence and repair.

Created with our revolutionary Skin Identical Technology, the Essential Six formulations work synergistically with skin—and each other—to deliver the perfect combination of active ingredients at the correct concentration. The result is luminous skin for life.

Civona Dermaceutical Skincare
Blending both science and nature to promote beautiful, radiant skin, our philosophy is nurturing your skins long term integrity to revitalise and renew the signs of changing skin with the latest in scientifically proven technologies.

Enriched with powerful botanical extracts and concentrated medical grade ingredients, the active absorbing dermal delivery technology works synergistically with your skin condition and concerns to prevent and repair premature ageing, sun damage, dehydration, pigmentation, rosacea, blemishes and overall skin health.

Dermaviduals Dermatological Skincare
Dermaviduals is world-renowned for manufacturing active skin care systems, using only pure ingredients. Employing ground-breaking technology they have created a range of creams and lotions without using the binding properties of an emulsifier.
Using the best ingredients from around the world, together with the very best in science and innovative research, remains at the heart of what they do at dermaviduals. The team believe in customising their products for specific skin conditions, not applying a blanket approach to their formulations. This ensures that the products are unique to your needs.

Biopelle® is a leader in advanced skincare solutions committed to delivering the most innovative, effective products through licensed health and skincare providers.
Biopelle is the only physician-dispensed skincare line that utilizes the secretion and eggs from the Cryptomphalus aspera snail, as featured in TENSAGE® Growth Factor and TENSAGE® Stem Cell. Biopelle offers a full spectrum of clinically proven skincare products that address multiple concerns – from professional peels and post-procedure care to daily maintenance and intensive treatments for dramatic improvement in the visible signs of aging. Biopelle is trusted and recognized for cutting-edge technologies and science-based formulations. Distributed in over 1,500 physician offices and med-spas throughout North America and Australia, Biopelle continues to advance as a global leader in the aesthetic community.

Vita-Sol Wholefood Powders
At Vita-sol they practise honest nutrition, basing the products on results rather than fad trends and fancy marketing jargon. Working from a place of transparency and integrity VitaSol bring you pure, nutritionally dense formulas.

They believe the best form of nutrition is via mother nature. The formulas are natural and organic, using the most gentle extraction processes to ensure the highest quality products, without chemical solvent residues or synthetic vitamins.