Skin Boosters and The Injecting Gun

What are Skin Boosters:

A unique mix of non cross-lined hyaluronic acid (15mg/ml) and essential nutrients (amino acids, antioxidant, vitamin B6), redensifies and hydrates the skin to make it beautiful and radiant.

A booster of dermo-restructuring that allows skin redensification and skin cell regeneration. It takes a new step in skin boosting: acting from the dermis up to the skins surface with natural, visible and scientifically proven results.

What is the V2 Injector?

V2 Injector is a non-invasive intradermal Aqua Lifting Automatic Injector using a syringe. It maximises the treatment effect and shortens the procedure time by adopting 5 or 9 multi-needles simultaneously. It also has a disposable filter system which offers safer treatments in a hygienic environment. The V2 Injector is ideal for ‘whole of face’ treatments like the Skin Booster treatment.

Skin Booster Treatment

Skin Booster is a treatment protocol designed to give you intensive skin nourishment and hydration. It consists of one – three treatments to the face, under eyes and neckline at monthly intervals and maintenance treatments once per year (or as you desire).


V2 Injector with the 5 or 9 multi-needle system provides safe and accurate treatments by setting:

  • Type of syringe
  • Treatment dosage
  • Depth of needle penetration
  • Speed of injection

What to expect

Tighter, firmer, glowing skin. Fibroblasts will be activated, promoting new collagen and elastin in the skin and delivering healthy-looking, glowing, hydrated skin.

How many treatments will I need?

3 treatments over a 9 week period (one every 3 weeks). With one (or as desired) maintenance treatment yearly.

How long does the treatment last?

Treatment should be viewed as more regenerative and ongoing in nature. In many ways this is not a temporary treatment, but a real solution. Fibroblasts within the papillary dermis will be activated to lay down new collagen and elastin, resulting in a thicker and more elastic dermis. These results should remain for at least 12 months post treatment before the effects of ageing are once again seen. A yearly maintenance treatment is recommended.

What is the downtime?

On average, you should experience minimal downtime. Initial redness and slight swelling can be expected which resolved within hours. Some patients have absolutely no bruising post treatment; others, particularly with very fragile skin, will experience bruising and blotchiness post treatment which can take up to 4 days to settle. Downtime is reduced after each subsequent treatment due to the dermis being repaired. We recommend Oxygenetix, a breathable skin foundation, to mask any effects.

Why choose the V2 over individual injections?

• Precise depth and dosing

• Minimal pain and downtime

• Quick and effective

• No product wastage

Does it hurt?

Micro-injections are shallow and preformed with very fine needles. For better comfort throughout the injection session Beauty Booster contains lidocaine which is a local anesthetic widely used. For enhanced comfort we can apply topical anesthetic cream before treatment or utilize happy gas (nitric oxide) – you will be fine to drive immediately after procedure.

What’s in it?

HA, Arginnine, Glutathione, N-acetyl , L-cystein, alpha – lipoic acid, leucine isoleucine, valine, glycine, lysine, threonine, proline, vit b 6, zinc, copper.

All these are naturally occurring in your skin and deplete with environmental exposure and intrinsic ageing.

The V2 Injector is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) and registered with Medsafe.

When and where should it be used?

For the face, neck, decolletage and hands.

– Regularly as core treatment to prevent cutaneous ageing

– Alternating with or as a complement to other treatments

– On specific chosen occasions to re-hydrate and give a new glow to your skin

A 1ml treatment will treat eyes and top lip, or lower quarter of face

A 3 ml package will treat full face and neck.


Single 1ml Treatment – $500

Package of 3 x 1ml Treatment – $1200

Single 3ml Treatment – $900

Package of 3 x 3ml Treatment – $2300

Complimentary Teoxane Post Treatment Cream valued at over $100 when you purchase a package of three.