Dermal Fillers

Contour, Lift, Fill.

Filler injections are used to smooth out wrinkles
on the face. The newest and safest fillers are injected
not only to fill lines (e.g., Laugh lines and Marionette
lines), but to increase volume and to reestablish the
youthful contour. The aging process begins due to
the loss of padding beneath the skin (e.g., diminishing
of baby fat). In addition, elasticity and fullness are
also compromised due to diminution in new collagen
formation. The loss of padding and volume varies
with the individual. A dermal filler, when used
correctly, raises up the skin in the area of the injection.

Certain areas of the face evidence the loss of contour
most dramatically:

Front of the cheek
Malar prominence
Center of the cheek
Temple Area
Tear Trough
Lower face (below and lateral to the mouth)
Upper and lower lips-enhance and augment

Client of Skin Revival before treatment with cheek filler. Notice the lack of definition in the jawline and jowl area.

Client of skin revival after treatment with cheek filler. Notice the definition in the jawline, and raised cheekbone definition. Also a reduction in the appearance of jowl area. Redness dissipates after a few minutes. Treated by Skin Revival’s Dr Nathan Beckman

As padding diminishes, the skin in these areas
flattens or sinks and the face begins to sag and
wrinkle. Genetics, age and body weight are all
factors in determining the extent of treatment

It is very important that the product
used is safe and biodegradable, and that its effect
if deemed necessary is reversible. With the right
filler as a tool and a clear model in mind, we are
able to work as artists to volumise the face and
restore its youthful contour. Some rejuvenation
is obvious after the first treatment, and so is the gratification it brings.

Lip Enhancement / Augmentation

Lip enhancement injections are used to enhance or
correct the lip by building volume in key areas of
the lip our Doctor has discussed during the
consultation with you. He will outline the amount
of product required that will be of benefit to achieve
the desired outcome you are looking for, or to
achieve the greatest benefit for correction.

The newest and safest lip fillers are injected
after the the effect of the topical anesthetic
is felt to insure minimal discomfort during
the treatment. We also provide anesthetic
gas if required to also reduce some further
discomfort during the treatments. Our
doctor will give you more information about
its possible benefits during the
consultation process.

Dermal filler pricing

$400 – $600 per ml (depending on area and product used)