Welcome to the BROW LAB

It’s no secret that eyebrows have had a total comeback. Bigger and better than ever and when we say bigger, we do mean literally. Gone are the days of over plucked, skinny brows that were all the rage in the 90’s.

Natural Beauty is a phrase that has been around since day dot but over the years has been lost in many phases, trends and styles. But we ALWAYS come back to it.
Whether it be your brows, skin or hair. Natural Beauty is timeless and will never outdate.

Working with your natural brow shape instead of working against it with an over manicured style is the start to creating your most perfect brow. With this natural eyebrow design it can be a little overwhelming knowing how, when and where to start but do not fear, we’ve got you covered!

Tatyana will help you achieve the best brow shape for your face and provide tips and tricks for filling them in along the way. Creating your new brow style is more than just a “quick eyebrow appointment” It’s a journey that you take not only with yourself but with your brow artist over a certain time frame depending on each client.

Eyebrows have the power to change your overall appearance. They bring balance and symmetry to the face, express emotion, and frame your face. Knowing the right brow shape for your face is so important to pulling your look together. This is where the trust of your Brow Artist comes in. Throughout your brow journey we will be focusing on creating the best shape for YOU! With every appointment main goal to give the illusion of natural shape, you must never try to imitate someone else’s eyebrows as they may not suit your frame. Instead focus on enhancing and beautifying your own.

Stayed tuned for more knowledge and understanding on the importance of Natural Brows and Beauty

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