Surprise, interest and concern


Surprise, interest and concern, these expressions are important non verbal communicators that the forehead muscle is responsible for. The use of botulin toxin (anti-wrinkle/muscle relaxants) to treat forehead wrinkles can be challenging for inexperienced injectors due to the variations in the musculature contraction patterns, and its inappropriate use can lead to an expressionless face for 3-5 months. An experienced injector knows there are three types of forehead muscle patterns and will adjust their injecting to suite the individual.

A total muscle pattern (figure 1) is the most common at 50% with the remaining 2 patterns, medial (figure 2) and lateral (figure 3) accounting for 25% each.

Can you guess what pattern you are?

Unsatisfactory results are usually linked to total paralysis of the forehead muscle and loss of eyebrow movement, asymmetric muscle relaxation or failure to achieve wrinkle correction. Its necessary to identify the muscle pattern in order to achieve the desired out come. That’s why you’ll notice at skin revival we ask you to raise and relax your eye brows so many times and draw out injection dots. We want to get it right for your individual musculature and expression.


Blog provided by Dr.Nathan Beckman

reference: surg cosmet dermatol. 2010;2(3):191-4