1 month of using corrective serums and a non-stripping cleanser. Skin has become already more hydrated, plump, and refined. – Georgia

Anti-wrinkle injections. 2 weeks following treatment. – Laurissa

Lip correction – 1ml lip filler – Laurissa

Cheek enhanment – 1ml thick filler – Laurissa

Acne Treatment Program series. Genesis Laser alternating with enzyme peels and vitamin infusions. Also using Acnigo product as homecare. – Ange

Acne package with weekly treatments. Hydrating & Enzyme Resurfacing. Less congestion and inflammation. Skin much healthier and oil quality has improved. – Georgia

Lip Correction – 1ml lip filler – Laurissa

Scar Revision. Weekly LED treatments, one epithelialisation treatment and immediately followed by 3 Radio Frequency and 2 Laser Genesis procedures. Low % topical Vitamin A serum/cream as homecare. Total procedure took 7 weeks. – Georgia

Skin Needling Treatment with Factor4. – Laurissa

Lip enhancement – 1ml lip filler – Laurissa