Sun Damage

This client was sent to me after having skin cancers removed from his face after 30 years of daily UV face exposure as a construction worker. Although when he first came to me he claimed he didn’t care about his skin, over the course of the treatment his self-confidence improved considerably.

Initially I treated his veins and commenced home care with Niacinamide serum and Rationale Skin Refining to strengthen his skin then followed it with fortnightly treatments of Laser Genesis coupled with vein therapy to reduce redness and improve skin tone.



Skin Tone and Texture

In the initial consultation this client presented with photo damage including medium contrast pigmentation, defused redness and spider veins (telangiectasia) as the result of years of sun damage, also some hormonal breakouts, large visible pores and uneven scaly texture.

A simple daily routine consisting of a combination of active ingredients to improve skin function, also helps strengthen the skin for the planned treatments.

Fortnightly treatment plan was devised taking into consideration that this client could not have any down time with her skin, as all treatments were done during her lunch break, with make-up used to cover any redness after each session.


This client came to us with severely inflamed skin due to rosacea and acne, and also had scarring from teenage acne. She was using chemist brand products which were contributing to her inflammation.

The first step was to reduce skin inflammation with treatments and products, particularly Dermaviduals Cleansing Milk, Dermaviduals Lotion N, and Synergie Uberzinc, then move on to a vitamin B serum. Dietary changes were also recommended.

The client was treated with a combination of laser genesis and peels to diffuse redness and strengthen the skin, with algae masks to soothe. She was very compliant with her products, and was able to get this result in less than 5 months.