Factor4 with Dr.Nathan Beckman

“Staying ahead of the curve is what we do at Skin Revival, and to show we put our money where our mouth is we decided to have our new factor 4 treatment recorded so we can better show what’s involved and what you can expect.

Factor 4 is a biological based skin treatment that uses factors obtained from your own blood that have been specially extracted to enhance your look permanently and naturally.
Because Factor4 works by enhancing your bodies own ability to heal damaged tissue it works particularly well when combined with dermal needling.

As I am a doctor I am not allowed to provide a testimonial on how amazing or not I thought this treatment was but I am allowed to explain what you can expect from your treatment. The treatment is best administered in 4 sessions 1 to 2 weeks apart, each treatment takes about 20 minutes to topically anaesthetise your skin and a further 10 minutes to dermal needle the factor 4 into your skin. The procedure should be painless due to the super effective custom made topical anaesthetic agent we use (with the option of additional “happy gas” for the faint of heart).

Immediately following the procedure you can expect to look very sunburnt and perhaps even have some areas that look like minor abrasion or bruising, however with each subsequent treatment you’ll have less and less of this as your skin quality improves.

We will take high quality before and after photos to allow you to see the reduction in fine lines, pore size and improved radiance of your skin. The results are ongoing and long lasting since the product is a bio-stimulant that enhances your natural ability to rejuvenate.

Winter is a perfect time to get this treatment to undo summers ravaging effects and to help get you on your way we have slashed the cost of a package of factor 4. see the clinic website for current deals.”

Informative article from Dr.Nathan Beckman

Pictured is directly after Factor4 treatment